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          北京工商局:購房警惕三花招 路邊廣告水分足

          放大字體  縮小字體 發布日期:2020-10-12 06:13:44 瀏覽次數:91
          Since March last year, the strawberry Central Committee has taken more strict real estate control measures. Although the growth of real estate investment has been initially controlled, there are still some prominent problems, such as the rapid rise of house prices, the unreasonable housing supply, and the disorder of the real estate market. There is another noteworthy point in the rise of house prices: the induced advertisements of real estate developers have confused some people's eyes, which is similar to that buying a house is tantamount to making a fortune. (
          ) according to the Beijing entertainment information report, most of the real estate advertisements in Beijing have painted the real estate in a beautiful way, and only after bringing the buyers to the table can they find that they are ordinary houses. Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce said on the 12th that there are three aspects of exaggeration in real estate advertisements. Consumers should not believe the contents of advertisements when buying a house. (
          ) (
          ) roadside advertisements are full of water (
          ) (
          ) people who are often in Beijing know that most of the outdoor advertisements on roadside or roof are real estate advertisements. These advertisements paint their own real estate in beautiful round beauty, intelligent community and 24-hour hot spring supply. The "starting price" or "average price" is not high. The most important thing is {todayhot} "out of print house type, Limited sales", which makes the local autonomous body uneasy, and is afraid that if you don't buy this room today, it will always be a good time. (
          ) (
          ) however, the advertising monitoring center of the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce has noticed this phenomenon. According to the April advertisement monitoring report released by the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce yesterday, a large number of false pride contents, such as disguised financing, appreciation and investment return, have begun to appear in real estate advertisements. Relevant departments should strengthen the examination, while consumers do not need to believe the contents of advertising Invest cautiously and rationally to avoid economic loss. (
          ) (
          ) ((
          ) the sigh of plough vinegar. From the formal point of view, the characteristics of ordinary commercial prison advertisements are as follows: first, the price table such as "starting price and average price" is often used to describe "unidentified /confirm/iation"; second, a large number of pictures of scenic spots are used as effective pictures; third, exaggerated words such as "out of print house type and limited sales" are used to attract consumers' attention. (
          ) (
          ) be alert to the investment risk of shops (
          ) (
          ) the monitoring report also said that the number of advertisements investing in shops has gradually increased in recent years, and most of such advertisements appear in the form of getting returns from investment shops. The characteristics of advertisement are: the ratio of promised minimum return, bank guarantee, etc. (
          ) (
          ) the advertising monitoring center of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce reminded that any investment has risks, and consumers should not trust the contents of advertising when buying houses or investing in shops, so as to avoid economic losses.


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